The philosophy Times is a student-run platform for peer students to learn through easy to follow written and visual content, and discussions, to connect with young philosophy enthusiasts, philosophy academicians and researchers, and to publish their philosophical work. The aim is to build a community of explorers, who dive into the philosophical thoughts that have shaped the world, are shaping the world, and/or have the potential to shape the world. We learn from the ideas of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, and others by engaging in exchange of ideas and powerful debates, and help students develop their own philosophy.

We organize focused events like expert workshops, book discussion sessions, and learn through fun get-togethers for school students, facilitating critical thinking and learning on the subject. Our video blog section presents varied philosophical concepts of core philosophy and the intersection of philosophy with everything else in an easy to understand manner for students. Additionally, we have a dedicated pre-college journal, Philosophize Direct, for high school students to publish their work in the field of philosophy.

Gauri Gupta, Founder

The Philosophy Times

My interest in philosophy goes back to when i was 10 years old. I wanted to learn philosophy in a structured manner, but it was not formally taught in the school. Following my passion for the field, I started taking classes in philosophy every sunday. while it was a gradual process of developing a keen interest- it quickly spawned into something that ranged straight from epistemology and existentialism to metaphysics and evolution

As students in school are not taught philosophy in formal education, the philosophical questioning and thinking comes much later in a student’s journey. I wanted to help school students gain knowledge in the field and develop a philosophical way of thinking and exploring without financially burdening themselves. And there, I came up with ‘The Philosophy Times’. A platform where school students can learn, discuss, and connect with peers and experts. The only prerequisite is a “Curious Mind”.