• 25 November, 2022
  • Jaipur

New Age Thinkers Workshop

The New Age Thinkers Guild initiative was conducted with the aim of extending philosophical discussions to involve the future leaders of tomorrow.

Herein, the Google Ngram Viewer, as a tool for digital humanities, was used to enhance research skills in topics of your choice.

Philosophical discussions have long been a mainstay of pushing society forward. We aim to extend these discussions to involve the future leaders of tomorrow. Additionally, as the world rapidly changes, it is essential to have these discussions too. 

To that end, we altered the nature and direction of these discussions by drawing from the field of Digital Humanities to extend our range of data points and discussion starters.

Unlike a webinar or lecture, this space was co-led by the participating students. After an initial introduction to Digital Humanities and the program's basic structure, students took the lead by choosing a topic of discussion that utilizes Digital Humanities as a source.