• 23 January, 2024
  • Jaipur

Feminism and Social Identities through Philosophy

Another series of invigorating workshops organized by The Philosophy Times explored age-old social institutions through the lens of philosophy. Through a sequence of online sessions, Mr. Sujit Babul (PhD scholar, Delhi University), in association with Awaaz Foundation, engaged highschoolers with multiple themes around identities, equality, social justice and more. The first segment of the online workshop focused on Feminist Philosophy and its areas of intervention. These sessions allowed students to investigate the nuances of gender as a social construct as well as surf through different waves of feminist philosophy. Expanding the scope of political philosophy, we moved to the second segment of our workshop wherein students interacted with social identities in India. Borrowing the lenses of Political philosophers like Gramsci or Marx, students revisited their pre-existing notions of justice, hegemony and power. Apart from interpreting social identities like class, caste and race through media representation and literature, students also investigated the different philosophies of equality. 

The learnings from the Workshop were manifest in the incredibly thought-provoking blogs and articles written by the students exploring the above-mentioned themes through their own lenses. You can read the students’ pieces in article section: 

  1. Prejudice Against Caste Reservation

  2. Feminism and Motherhood

  3. Representation of Women in Art and Media