About Us

All men by nature desire knowledge.

Our aim is to build a platform for school students to understand the complex, yet extremely important ideas of philosophy.

We deep-dive into the philosophical thoughts that have shaped the world, study the ideas of Plato and Aristotle to engage in powerful debates, and help students develop their own Philosophy.

We organise focused and engaging events, facilitating learning & discussion on the subject. Additionally, we encourage students to submit their ideas and thoughts as part of our Blog.

Why choose us?

Unravel complex concepts with guidance from subject matter experts and fellow peers that make learning more approachable and relatable

Cut through the jargon

Understand Complex concepts easily.

Get published

Send in your papers to get your work published.

Learn with peers

Participate in debates and discussions with fellow peers.

Explore new ideas

Work with experts to explore new developments in Philosophy.

Interactive Workshops

Be a part of facilitator-led events.


Our Team Members

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Neil Ahuja

Business Manager

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